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16. Walaqad atayna banee isra-eela alkitaba wa


lhukma wa



warazaqnahum mina a


ttayyibati wafaddalnahum AAala alAAalameen


16. We did aforetime grant to the Children of Israel the Book the Power of Command,

and Prophethood; We gave them, for Sustenance, things good and pure; and We favoured

them above the nations.

17. Waataynahum bayyinatin mina al-amri fama ikhtalafoo illa min baAAdi ma jaahumu

alAAilmu baghyan baynahum inna rabbaka yaqdee baynahum yawma alqiyamati feema

kanoo feehi yakhtalifoon


17. And We granted them Clear Signs in affairs (of Religion): it was only after

knowledge had been granted to them that they fell into schisms, through insolent envy

among themselves. Verily thy Lord will judge between them on the Day of Judgment as

to those matters in which they set up differences.

18. Thumma jaAAalnaka AAala shareeAAatin mina al-amri fa


ttabiAAha wala tattabiAA

ahwaa allatheena la yaAAlamoon


18. Then We put thee on the (right) Way of Religion: so follow thou that (Way), and

follow not the desires of those who know not.