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28. Falawla nasarahumu allatheena ittakhathoo min dooni Allahi qurbanan alihatan bal

dalloo AAanhum wathalika ifkuhum wama kanoo yaftaroon


28. Why then was no help forthcoming to them from those whom they worshipped as

gods, besides Allah, as a means of access (to Allah.? Nay, they left them in the lurch: but

that was their falsehood and their invention.

29. Wa-ith sarafna ilayka nafaran mina aljinni yastamiAAoona alqur-ana falamma

hadaroohu qaloo ansitoo falamma qudiya wallaw ila qawmihim munthireen


29. Behold, We turned towards thee a company of Jinns (quietly) listening to the Qur'an:

when they stood in the presence thereof, they said, "Listen in silence!" When the

(reading) was finished, they returned to their people, to warn (them of their sins).

30. Qaloo ya qawmana inna samiAAna kitaban onzila min baAAdi moosa musaddiqan

lima bayna yadayhi yahdee ila alhaqqi wa-ila tareeqin mustaqeem


30. They said, "O our people! We have heard a Book revealed after Moses, confirming

what came before it: it guides (men) to the Truth and to a Straight Path.