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15. Those who lagged behind (will say), when ye (are free to) march and take booty (in

war): "Permit us to follow you." They wish to change Allah.s decree: Say: "Not thus will

ye follow us: Allah has already declared (this) beforehand": then they will say, "But ye

are jealous of us." Nay, but little do they understand (such things).

16. Qul lilmukhallafeena mina al-aAArabi satudAAawna ila qawmin olee ba/sin

shadeedin tuqatiloonahum aw yuslimoona fa-in tuteeAAoo yu/tikumu Allahu ajran

hasanan wa-in tatawallaw kama tawallaytum min qablu yuAAaththibkum AAathaban



16. Say to the desert Arabs who lagged behind: "Ye shall be summoned (to fight) against

a people given to vehement war: then shall ye fight, or they shall submit. Then if ye show

obedience, Allah will grant you a goodly reward, but if ye turn back as ye did before, He

will punish you with a grievous Penalty."