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120. If aught that is good befalls you, it grieves them; but if some misfortune overtakes

you, they rejoice at it. But if ye are constant and do right, not the least harm will their

cunning do to you; for Allah Compasseth round about all that they do.

Section 13 (121-129)

121. Wa-ith ghadawta min ahlika tubawwi-o almu/mineena maqaAAida lilqitali



llahu sameeAAun AAaleem


121. Remember that morning Thou didst leave Thy household (early) to post the faithful

at their stations for battle: And Allah heareth and knoweth all things:

122. Ith hammat ta-ifatani minkum an tafshala wa


llahu waliyyuhuma waAAala Allahi

falyatawakkali almu/minoon


122. Remember two of your parties Meditated cowardice; but Allah was their protector,

and in Allah should the faithful (Ever) put their trust.