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5. Wa-itha qeela lahum taAAalaw yastaghfir lakum rasoolu Allahi lawwaw ruoosahum

waraaytahum yasuddoona wahum mustakbiroon


5. And when it is said to them, "Come, the Messenger of Allah will pray for your

forgiveness", they turn aside their heads, and thou wouldst see them turning away their

faces in arrogance.

6. Sawaon AAalayhim astaghfarta lahum am lam tastaghfir lahum lan yaghfira Allahu

lahum inna Allaha la yahdee alqawma alfasiqeen


6. It is equal to them whether thou pray for their forgiveness or not. Allah will not forgive

them. Truly Allah guides not rebellious transgressors.

7. Humu allatheena yaqooloona la tunfiqoo AAala man AAinda rasooli Allahi hatta

yanfaddoo walillahi khaza-inu a


ssamawati wa


l-ardi walakinna almunafiqeena la



7. They are the ones who say, "Spend nothing on those who are with Allah.s Messenger,

to the end that they may disperse (and quit Medina)." But to Allah belong the treasures of

the heavens and the earth; but the Hypocrites understand not.