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Section 2 (8-12)

8. Wakaayyin min qaryatin AAatat AAan amri rabbiha warusulihi fahasabnaha hisaban

shadeedan waAAaththabnaha AAathaban nukra


8. How many populations that insolently opposed the Command of their Lord and of His

apostles, did We not then call to account,- to severe account?- and We imposed on them

an exemplary Punishment.

9. Fathaqat wabala amriha wakana AAaqibatu amriha khusra


9. Then did they taste the evil result of their conduct, and the End of their conduct was


10. aAAadda Allahu lahum AAathaban shadeedan fa


ttaqoo Allaha ya olee al-albabi

allatheena amanoo qad anzala Allahu ilaykum thikra


10. Allah has prepared for them a severe Punishment (in the Hereafter). Therefore fear

Allah, O ye men of understanding - who have believed!- for Allah hath indeed sent down

to you a Message,-