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25. Wayaqooloona mata hatha alwaAAdu in kuntum sadiqeen


25. They ask: When will this promise be (fulfilled)? - If ye are telling the truth.

26. Qul innama alAAilmu AAinda Allahi wa-innama ana natheerun mubeen


26. Say: "As to the knowledge of the time, it is with Allah alone: I am (sent) only to warn

plainly in public."

27. Falamma raawhu zulfatan see-at wujoohu allatheena kafaroo waqeela hatha allathee

kuntum bihi taddaAAoon


27. At length, when they see it close at hand, grieved will be the faces of the Unbelievers,

and it will be said (to them): "This is (the promise fulfilled), which ye were calling for!"

28. Qul araaytum in ahlakaniya Allahu waman maAAiya aw rahimana faman yujeeru

alkafireena min AAathabin aleem


28. Say: "See ye?- If Allah were to destroy me, and those with me, or if He bestows His

Mercy on us,- yet who can deliver the Unbelievers from a grievous Penalty?"