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19. Qul ayyu shay-in akbaru shahadatan quli Allahu shaheedun baynee wabaynakum

waoohiya ilayya hatha alqur-anu li-onthirakum bihi waman balagha a-innakum

latashhadoona anna maAAa Allahi alihatan okhra qul la ashhadu qul innama huwa ilahun

wahidun wa-innanee baree-on mimma tushrikoon


19. Say: "What thing is most weighty in evidence?" Say: "God is witness between me and

you; This Qur'an hath been revealed to me by inspiration, that I may warn you and all

whom it reaches. Can ye possibly bear witness that besides God there is an other God?"

Say: "Nay! I cannot bear witness!" Say: "But in truth He is the one God, and I truly am

innocent of (your blasphemy of) joining others with Him."

20. Allatheena ataynahumu alkitaba yaAArifoonahu kama yaAArifoona abnaahum

allatheena khasiroo anfusahum fahum la yu/minoon


20. Those to whom We have given the Book know this as they know their own sons.

Those who have lost their own souls refuse therefore to believe.

Section 3 (21-30)