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122. Awa man kana maytan faahyaynahu wajaAAalna lahu nooran yamshee bihi fee



nnasi kaman mathaluhu fee a



ulumati laysa bikharijin minha kathalika zuyyina

lilkafireena ma kanoo yaAAmaloon


122. Can he who was dead, to whom We gave life, and a light whereby he can walk

amongst men, be like him who is in the depths of darkness, from which he can never

come out? Thus to those without faith their own deeds seem pleasing.

123. Wakathalika jaAAalna fee kulli qaryatin akabira mujrimeeha liyamkuroo feeha

wama yamkuroona illa bi-anfusihim wama yashAAuroon


123. Thus have We placed leaders in every town, its wicked men, to plot (and burrow)

therein: but they only plot against their own souls, and they perceive it not.

124. Wa-itha jaat-hum ayatun qaloo lan nu/mina hatta nu/ta mithla ma ootiya rusulu

Allahi Allahu aAAlamu haythu yajAAalu risalatahu sayuseebu allatheena ajramoo

sagharun AAinda Allahi waAAathabun shadeedun bima kanoo yamkuroon


124. When there comes to them a sign (from God), They say: "We shall not believe until

we receive one (exactly) like those received by God's apostles." God knoweth best where

(and how) to carry out His mission. Soon will the wicked be overtaken by humiliation

before God, and a severe punishment, for all their plots.