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148. Sayaqoolu allatheena ashrakoo law shaa Allahu ma ashrakna wala abaona wala

harramna min shay-in kathalika kaththaba allatheena min qablihim hatta thaqoo ba/sana

qul hal AAindakum min AAilmin fatukhrijoohu lana in tattabiAAoona illa a




wa-in antum illa takhrusoon


148. Those who give partners (to God) will say: "If God had wished, we should not have

given partners to Him nor would our fathers; nor should we have had any taboos." So did

their ancestors argue falsely, until they tasted of Our wrath. Say: "Have ye any (certain)

knowledge? If so, produce it before us. Ye follow nothing but conjecture: ye do nothing

but lie."

149. Qul falillahi alhujjatu albalighatu falaw shaa lahadakum ajmaAAeen


149. Say: "With God is the argument that reaches home: if it had been His will, He could

indeed have guided you all."