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72. Faanjaynahu wa


llatheena maAAahu birahmatin minna waqataAAna dabira

allatheena kaththaboo bi-ayatina wama kanoo mu/mineen


72. We saved him and those who adhered to him. By Our mercy, and We cut off the roots

of those who rejected Our signs and did not believe.

Section 10 (73-84)

73. Wa-ila thamooda akhahum salihan qala ya qawmi oAAbudoo Allaha ma lakum min

ilahin ghayruhu qad jaatkum bayyinatun min rabbikum hathihi naqatu Allahi lakum

ayatan fatharooha ta/kul fee ardi Allahi wala tamassooha bisoo-in faya/khuthakum

AAathabun aleem


73. To the Thamud people (We sent) Salih, one of their own brethren: He said: "O my

people! worship God: ye have no other god but Him. Now hath come unto you a clear

(Sign) from your Lord! This she-camel of God is a Sign unto you: So leave her to graze

in God's earth, and let her come to no harm, or ye shall be seized with a grievous