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87. "And if there is a party among you who believes in the message with which I have

been sent, and a party which does not believe, hold yourselves in patience until God doth

decide between us: for He is the best to decide.

88. Qala almalao allatheena istakbaroo min qawmihi lanukhrijannaka ya shuAAaybu



llatheena amanoo maAAaka min qaryatina aw lataAAoodunna fee millatina qala awa

law kunna kariheen


88. The leaders, the arrogant party among his people, said: "O Shu'aib! we shall certainly

drive thee out of our city - (thee) and those who believe with thee; or else ye (thou and

they) shall have to return to our ways and religion." He said: "Wha t! even though we do

detest (them)?

89. Qadi iftarayna AAala Allahi kathiban in AAudna fee millatikum baAAda ith najjana

Allahu minha wama yakoonu lana an naAAooda feeha illa an yashaa Allahu rabbuna

wasiAAa rabbuna kulla shay-in AAilman AAala Allahi tawakkalna rabbana iftah

baynana wabayna qawmina bi


lhaqqi waanta khayru alfatiheen


89. "We should indeed invent a lie against God, if we returned to your ways after God

hath rescued us therefrom; nor could we by any manner of means return thereto unless it