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99. Afaaminoo makra Allahi fala ya/manu makra Allahi illa alqawmu alkhasiroon


99. Did they then feel secure against the plan of God?- but no one can feel secure from

the Plan of God, except those (doomed) to ruin!

Section 13 (100-108)

100. Awa lam yahdi lillatheena yarithoona al-arda min baAAdi ahliha an law nashao

asabnahum bithunoobihim wanatbaAAu AAala quloobihim fahum la yasmaAAoon


100. To those who inherit the earth in succession to its (previous) possessors, is it not a

guiding, (lesson) that, if We so willed, We could punish them (too) for their sins, and seal

up their hearts so that they could not hear?

101. Tilka alqura naqussu AAalayka min anba-iha walaqad jaat-hum rusuluhum



lbayyinati fama kanoo liyu/minoo bima kaththaboo min qablu kathalika yatbaAAu

Allahu AAala quloobi alkafireen


101. Such were the towns whose story We (thus) relate unto thee: There came indeed to

them their apostles with clear (signs): But they would not believe what they had rejected

before. Thus doth God seal up the hearts of those who reject faith.