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123. Said Pharaoh: "Believe ye in Him before I give you permission? Surely this is a trick

which ye have planned in the city to drive out its people: but soon shall ye know (the


124. LaoqatiAAanna aydiyakum waarjulakum min khilafin thumma laosallibannakum



124. "Be sure I will cut off your hands and your feet on apposite sides, and I will cause

you all to die on the cross."

125. Qaloo inna ila rabbina munqaliboon


125. They said: "For us, We are but sent back unto our Lord:

126. Wama tanqimu minna illa an amanna bi-ayati rabbina lamma jaatna rabbana afrigh

AAalayna sabran watawaffana muslimeen


126. "But thou dost wreak thy vengeance on us simply because we believed in the Signs

of our Lord when they reached us! Our Lord! pour out on us patience and constancy, and

take our souls unto thee as Muslims (who bow to thy will)!