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139. Inna haola-i mutabbarun ma hum feehi wabatilun ma kanoo yaAAmaloon


139. "As to these folk,- the cult they are in is (but) a fragment of a ruin, and vain is the

(worship) which they practise."

140. Qala aghayra Allahi abgheekum ilahan wahuwa faddalakum AAala alAAalameen


140. He said: "Shall I seek for you a god other than the (true) God, when it is God Who

hath endowed you with gifts above the nations?"

141. Wa-ith anjaynakum min ali firAAawna yasoomoonakum soo-a alAAathabi

yuqattiloona abnaakum wayastahyoona nisaakum wafee thalikum balaon min rabbikum





141. And remember We rescued you from Pharaoh's people, who afflicted you with the

worst of penalties, who slew your male children and saved alive your females: in that was

a momentous trial from your Lord.