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43. Ith yureekahumu Allahu fee manamika qaleelan walaw arakahum katheeran

lafashiltum walatanazaAAtum fee al-amri walakinna Allaha sallama innahu AAaleemun

bithati a




43. Remember in thy dream Allah showed them to thee as few: if He had shown them to

thee as many, ye would surely have been discouraged, and ye would surely have disputed

in (your) decision; but Allah saved (you): for He knoweth well the (secrets) of (all)


44. Wa-ith yureekumoohum ithi iltaqaytum fee aAAyunikum qaleelan wayuqallilukum

fee aAAyunihim liyaqdiya Allahu amran kana mafAAoolan wa-ila Allahi turjaAAu al-



44. And remember when ye met, He showed them to you as few in your eyes, and He

made you appear as contemptible in their eyes: that Allah might accomplish a matter

already enacted. For to Allah do all questions go back (for decision).

Section 6 (45-48)

45. Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo itha laqeetum fi-atan fa


thbutoo wa


thkuroo Allaha

katheeran laAAallakum tuflihoon


45. O ye who believe! When ye meet a force, be firm, and call Allah in remembrance

much (and often); that ye may prosper: