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57. Fa-imma tathqafannahum fee alharbi fasharrid bihim man khalfahum laAAallahum



57. If ye gain the mastery over them in war, disperse, with them, those who follow them,

that they may remember.

58. Wa-imma takhafanna min qawmin khiyanatan fa


nbith ilayhim AAala sawa-in inna

Allaha la yuhibbu alkha-ineen


58. If thou fearest treachery from any group, throw back (their covenant) to them, (so as

to be) on equal terms: for Allah loveth not the treacherous.

Section 8 (59-64)

59. Wala yahsabanna allatheena kafaroo sabaqoo innahum la yuAAjizoon


59. Let not the unbelievers think that they can get the better (of the godly): they will

never frustrate (them).