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8. Kayfa wa-in ya


haroo AAalaykum la yarquboo feekum illan wala thimmatan

yurdoonakum bi-afwahihim wata/ba quloobuhum waaktharuhum fasiqoon


8. How (can there be such a league), seeing that if they get an advantage over you, they

respect not in you the ties either of kinship or of covenant? With (fair words from) their

mouths they entice you, but their hearts are averse from you; and most of them are

rebellious and wicked.

9. Ishtaraw bi-ayati Allahi thamanan qaleelan fasaddoo AAan sabeelihi innahum saa ma

kanoo yaAAmaloon


9. The Signs of Allah have they sold for a miserable price, and (many) have they

hindered from His way: evil indeed are the deeds they have done.

10. La yarquboona fee mu/minin illan wala thimmatan waola-ika humu almuAAtadoon


10. In a Believer they respect not the ties either of kinship or of covenant! It is they who

have transgressed all bounds.