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147. The Truth is from thy Lord; so be not at all in doubt.

Section 18 (148-152)

148. Walikullin wijhatun huwa muwalleeha fa


stabiqoo alkhayrati aynama takoonoo ya/ti

bikumu Allahu jameeAAan inna Allaha AAala kulli shay-in qadeer


148. To each is a goal to which Allah turns him; then strive together (as in a race)

Towards all that is good. Wheresoever ye are, Allah will bring you Together. For Allah

Hath power over all things.

149. Wamin haythu kharajta fawalli wajhaka shatra almasjidi alharami wa-innahu

lalhaqqu min rabbika wama Allahu bighafilin AAamma taAAmaloon


149. From whencesoever Thou startest forth, turn Thy face in the direction of the sacred

Mosque; that is indeed the truth from the Lord. And Allah is not unmindful of what ye