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27. Faqala almalao allatheena kafaroo min qawmihi ma naraka illa basharan mithlana

wama naraka ittabaAAaka illa allatheena hum arathiluna badiya a


rra/yi wama nara

lakum AAalayna min fadlin bal na


unnukum kathibeen


27. But the chiefs of the Unbelievers among his people said: "We see (in) thee nothing

but a man like ourselves: Nor do we see that any follow thee but the meanest among us,

in judgment immature: Nor do we see in you (all) any merit above us: in fact we thing ye

are liars!"

28. Qala ya qawmi araaytum in kuntu AAala bayyinatin min rabbee waatanee rahmatan

min AAindihi faAAummiyat AAalaykum anulzimukumooha waantum laha karihoon


28. He said: "O my people! See ye if (it be that) I have a Clear Sign from my Lord, and

that He hath sent Mercy unto me from His own presence, but that the Mercy hath been

obscured from your sight? shall we compel you to accept it when ye are averse to it?