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(there will be other) peoples to whom We shall grant their pleasures (for a time), but in

the end will a grievous penalty reach them from Us."

49. Tilka min anba-i alghaybi nooheeha ilayka ma kunta taAAlamuha anta wala

qawmuka min qabli hatha fa


sbir inna alAAaqibata lilmuttaqeen


49. Such are some of the stories of the unseen, which We have revealed unto thee: before

this, neither thou nor thy people knew them. So persevere patiently: for the End is for

those who are righteous.

Section 5 (50-60)

50. Wa-ila AAadin akhahum hoodan qala ya qawmi oAAbudoo Allaha ma lakum min

ilahin ghayruhu in antum illa muftaroon


50. To the 'Ad People (We sent) Hud, one of their own brethren. He said: "O my people!

worship Allah. ye have no other god but Him. (Your other gods) ye do nothing but