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75. Qaloo jazaohu man wujida fee rahlihi fahuwa jazaohu kathalika najzee






75. They said: "The penalty should be that he in whose saddle-bag it is found, should be

held (as bondman) to atone for the (crime). Thus it is we punish the wrong- doers!"

76. Fabadaa bi-awAAiyatihim qabla wiAAa-i akheehi thumma istakhrajaha min wiAAa-i

akheehi kathalika kidna liyoosufa ma kana liya/khutha akhahu fee deeni almaliki illa an

yashaa Allahu narfaAAu darajatin man nashao wafawqa kulli thee AAilmin AAaleem


76. So he began (the search) with their baggage, before (he came to) the baggage of his

brother: at length he brought it out of his brother's baggage. Thus did We plan for Joseph.

He could not take his brother by the law of the king except that Allah willed it (so). We

raise to degrees (of wisdom) whom We please: but over all endued with knowledge is

one, the All-Knowing.