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80. Falamma istay-asoo minhu khalasoo najiyyan qala kabeeruhum alam taAAlamoo

anna abakum qad akhatha AAalaykum mawthiqan mina Allahi wamin qablu ma

farrattum fee yoosufa falan abraha al-arda hatta ya/thana lee abee aw yahkuma Allahu lee

wahuwa khayru alhakimeen


80. Now when they saw no hope of his (yielding), they held a conference in private. The

leader among them said: "Know ye not that your father did take an oath from you in

Allah.s name, and how, before this, ye did fail in your duty with Joseph? Therefore will I

not leave this land until my father permits me, or Allah commands me; and He is the best

to command.

81. IrjiAAoo ila abeekum faqooloo ya abana inna ibnaka saraqa wama shahidna illa bima

AAalimna wama kunna lilghaybi hafi




81. "Turn ye back to your father, and say, 'O our father! behold! thy son committed theft!

we bear witness only to what we know, and we could not well guard against the unseen!

82. Wa


s-ali alqaryata allatee kunna feeha wa


lAAeera allatee aqbalna feeha wa-inna