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109. Wama arsalna min qablika illa rijalan noohee ilayhim min ahli alqura afalam

yaseeroo fee al-ardi fayan


uroo kayfa kana AAaqibatu allatheena min qablihim

waladaru al-akhirati khayrun lillatheena ittaqaw afala taAAqiloon


109. Nor did We send before thee (as apostles) any but men, whom we did inspire,-

(men) living in human habitations. Do they not travel through the earth, and see what was

the end of those before them? But the home of the hereafter is best, for those who do

right. Will ye not then understand?

110. Hatta itha istay-asa a


rrusulu wa


annoo annahum qad kuthiboo jaahum nasruna

fanujjiya man nashao wala yuraddu ba/suna AAani alqawmi almujrimeen


110. (Respite will be granted) until, when the apostles give up hope (of their people) and

(come to) think that they were treated as liars, there reaches them Our help, and those

whom We will are delivered into safety. But never will be warded off our punishment

from those who are in sin.