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Section 5 (32-37)

32. Walaqadi istuhzi-a birusulin min qablika faamlaytu lillatheena kafaroo thumma

akhathtuhum fakayfa kana AAiqab


32. Mocked were (many) apostles before thee: but I granted respite to the unbelievers,

and finally I punished them: Then how (terrible) was my requital!

33. Afaman huwa qa-imun AAala kulli nafsin bima kasabat wajaAAaloo lillahi shurakaa

qul sammoohum am tunabbi-oonahu bima la yaAAlamu fee al-ardi am bi


ahirin mina

alqawli bal zuyyina lillatheena kafaroo makruhum wasuddoo AAani a


ssabeeli waman

yudlili Allahu fama lahu min had


33. Is then He who standeth over every soul (and knoweth) all that it doth, (like any

others)? And yet they ascribe partners to Allah. Say: "But name them! is it that ye will

inform Him of something he knoweth not on earth, or is it (just) a show of words?" Nay!

to those who believe not, their pretence seems pleasing, but they are kept back (thereby)

from the path. And those whom Allah leaves to stray, no one can guide.