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10. Qalat rusuluhum afee Allahi shakkun fatiri a


ssamawati wa


l-ardi yadAAookum

liyaghfira lakum min thunoobikum wayu-akhkhirakum ila ajalin musamman qaloo in

antum illa basharun mithluna tureedoona an tasuddoona AAamma kana yaAAbudu

abaona fa/toona bisultanin mubeen


10. Their apostles said: "Is there a doubt about Allah, The Creator of the heavens and the

earth? It is He Who invites you, in order that He may forgive you your sins and give you

respite for a term appointed!" They said: "Ah! ye are no more than human, like ourselves!

Ye wish to turn us away from the (gods) our fathers used to worship: then bring us some

clear authority."

11. Qalat lahum rusuluhum in nahnu illa basharun mithlukum walakinna Allaha yamunnu

AAala man yashao min AAibadihi wama kana lana an na/tiyakum bisultanin illa bi-ithni

Allahi waAAala Allahi falyatawakkali almu/minoon


11. Their apostles said to them: "True, we are human like yourselves, but Allah doth

grant His grace to such of his servants as He pleases. It is not for us to bring you an

authority except as Allah permits. And on Allah let all men of faith put their trust.