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bimusrikhikum wama antum bimusrikhiyya innee kafartu bima ashraktumooni min qablu

inna a



alimeena lahum AAathabun aleem


22. And Satan will say when the matter is decided: "It was Allah Who gave you a

promise of Truth: I too promised, but I failed in my promise to you. I had no authority

over you except to call you but ye listened to me: then reproach not me, but reproach

your own souls. I cannot listen to your cries, nor can ye listen to mine. I reject your

former act in associating me with Allah. For wrong-doers there must be a grievous


23. Waodkhila allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo a


ssalihati jannatin tajree min tahtiha al-

anharu khalideena feeha bi-ithni rabbihim tahiyyatuhum feeha salam


23. But those who believe and work righteousness will be admitted to gardens beneath

which rivers flow,- to dwell therein for aye with the leave of their Lord. Their greeting

therein will be: "Peace!"

24. Alam tara kayfa daraba Allahu mathalan kalimatan tayyibatan kashajaratin tayyibatin

asluha thabitun wafarAAuha fee a




24. Seest thou not how Allah sets forth a parable? - A goodly word like a goodly tree,

whose root is firmly fixed, and its branches (reach) to the heavens,- of its Lord. So Allah

sets forth parables for men, in order that they may receive admonition.