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187. Ohilla lakum laylata a


ssiyami a


rrafathu ila nisa-ikum hunna libasun lakum

waantum libasun lahunna AAalima Allahu annakum kuntum takhtanoona anfusakum

fataba AAalaykum waAAafa AAankum fa


l-ana bashiroohunna wa


btaghoo ma kataba

Allahu lakum wakuloo wa


shraboo hatta yatabayyana lakumu alkhaytu al-abyadu mina

alkhayti al-aswadi mina alfajri thumma atimmoo a


ssiyama ila allayli wala

tubashiroohunna waantum AAakifoona fee almasajidi tilka hudoodu Allahi fala

taqrabooha kathalika yubayyinu Allahu ayatihi li


nnasi laAAallahum yattaqoon


187. Permitted to you, on the night of the fasts, is the approach to your wives. They are

your garments and ye are their garments. Allah knoweth what ye used to do secretly

among yourselves; but He turned to you and forgave you; so now associate with them,

and seek what Allah Hath ordained for you, and eat and drink, until the white thread of

dawn appear to you distinct from its black thread; then complete your fast Till the night

appears; but do not associate with your wives while ye are in retreat in the mosques.

Those are Limits (set by) Allah. Approach not nigh thereto. Thus doth Allah make clear

His Signs to men: that they may learn self-restraint.