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80. It is Allah Who made your habitations homes of rest and quiet for you; and made for

you, out of the skins of animals, (tents for) dwellings, which ye find so light (and handy)

when ye travel and when ye stop (in your travels); and out of their wool, and their soft

fibres (between wool and hair), and their hair, rich stuff and articles of convenience (to

serve you) for a time.

81. Wa


llahu jaAAala lakum mimma khalaqa


ilalan wajaAAala lakum mina aljibali

aknanan wajaAAala lakum sarabeela taqeekumu alharra wasarabeela taqeekum ba/sakum

kathalika yutimmu niAAmatahu AAalaykum laAAallakum tuslimoon


81. It is Allah Who made out of the things He created, some things to give you shade; of

the hills He made some for your shelter; He made you garments to protect you from heat,

and coats of mail to protect you from your (mutual) violence. Thus does He complete His

favours on you, that ye may bow to His Will (in Islam).

82. Fa-in tawallaw fa-innama AAalayka albalaghu almubeen


82. But if they turn away, thy duty is only to preach the clear Message.