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86. Wa-itha raa allatheena ashrakoo shurakaahum qaloo rabbana haola-i shurakaona

allatheena kunna nadAAoo min doonika faalqaw ilayhimu alqawla innakum lakathiboon


86. When those who gave partners to Allah will see their "partners", they will say: "Our

Lord! these are our 'partners,' those whom we used to invoke besides Thee." But they will

throw back their word at them (and say): "Indeed ye are liars!"

87. Waalqaw ila Allahi yawma-ithin a


ssalama wadalla AAanhum ma kanoo yaftaroon


87. That Day shall they (openly) show (their) submission to Allah. and all their

inventions shall leave them in the lurch.

88. Allatheena kafaroo wasaddoo AAan sabeeli Allahi zidnahum AAathaban fawqa

alAAathabi bima kanoo yufsidoon


88. Those who reject Allah and hinder (men) from the Path of Allah - for them will We

add Penalty to Penalty; for that they used to spread mischief.