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46. WajaAAalna AAala quloobihim akinnatan an yafqahoohu wafee athanihim waqran

wa-itha thakarta rabbaka fee alqur-ani wahdahu wallaw AAala adbarihim nufoora


46. And We put coverings over their hearts (and minds) lest they should understand the

Qur'an, and deafness into their ears: when thou dost commemorate thy Lord and Him

alone in the Qur'an, they turn on their backs, fleeing (from the Truth).

47. Nahnu aAAlamu bima yastamiAAoona bihi ith yastamiAAoona ilayka wa-ith hum

najwa ith yaqoolu a



alimoona in tattabiAAoona illa rajulan mashoora


47. We know best why it is they listen, when they listen to thee; and when they meet in

private conference, behold, the wicked say, "Ye follow none other than a man


48. On


ur kayfa daraboo laka al-amthala fadalloo fala yastateeAAoona sabeela


48. See what similes they strike for thee: but they have gone astray, and never can they

find a way.