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94. What kept men back from belief when Guidance came to them, was nothing but this:

they said, "Has Allah sent a man (like us) to be (His) Messenger."

95. Qul law kana fee al-ardi mala-ikatun yamshoona mutma-inneena lanazzalna

AAalayhim mina a


ssama-i malakan rasoola


95. Say, "If there were settled, on earth, angels walking about in peace and quiet, We

should certainly have sent them down from the heavens an angel for an apostle."

96. Qul kafa bi


llahi shaheedan baynee wabaynakum innahu kana biAAibadihi

khabeeran baseera


96. Say: "Enough is Allah for a witness between me and you: for He is well acquainted

with His servants, and He sees (all things).