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101. To Moses We did give Nine Clear Sings: As the Children of Israel: when he came to

them, Pharaoh said to him: "O Moses! I consider thee, indeed, to have been worked upon

by sorcery!

102. Qala laqad AAalimta ma anzala haola-i illa rabbu a


ssamawati wa


l-ardi basa-ira

wa-innee laa


unnuka ya firAAawnu mathboora


102. Moses said, "Thou knowest well that these things have been sent down by none but

the Lord of the heavens and the earth as eye-opening evidence: and I consider thee

indeed, O Pharaoh, to be one doomed to destruction!"

103. Faarada an yastafizzahum mina al-ardi faaghraqnahu waman maAAahu jameeAAa


103. So he resolved to remove them from the face of the earth: but We did drown him

and all who were with him.

104. Waqulna min baAAdihi libanee isra-eela oskunoo al-arda fa-itha jaa waAAdu al-

akhirati ji/na bikum lafeefa