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104. And We said thereafter to the Children of Israel, "Dwell securely in the land (of

promise)": but when the second of the warnings came to pass, We gathered you together

in a mingled crowd.

105. Wabi


lhaqqi anzalnahu wabi


lhaqqi nazala wama arsalnaka illa mubashshiran



105. We sent down the (Qur'an) in Truth, and in Truth has it descended: and We sent thee

but to give Glad Tidings and to warn (sinners).

106. Waqur-anan faraqnahu litaqraahu AAala a


nnasi AAala mukthin wanazzalnahu



106. (It is) a Qur'an which We have divided (into parts from time to time), in order that

thou mightest recite it to men at intervals: We have revealed it by stages.

107. Qul aminoo bihi aw la tu/minoo inna allatheena ootoo alAAilma min qablihi itha

yutla AAalayhim yakhirroona lil-athqani sujjada


107. Say: "Whether ye believe in it or not, it is true that those who were given knowledge

beforehand, when it is recited to them, fall down on their faces in humble prostration,