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falling down, but he set it up straight. (Moses) said: "If thou hadst wished, surely thou

couldst have exacted some recompense for it!"

78. Qala hatha firaqu baynee wabaynika saonabbi-oka bita/weeli ma lam tastatiAA

AAalayhi sabra


78. He answered: "This is the parting between me and thee: now will I tell thee the

interpretation of (those things) over which thou wast unable to hold patience.

79. Amma a


ssafeenatu fakanat limasakeena yaAAmaloona fee albahri faaradtu an

aAAeebaha wakana waraahum malikun ya/khuthu kulla safeenatin ghasba


79. "As for the boat, it belonged to certain men in dire want: they plied on the water: I but

wished to render it unserviceable, for there was after them a certain king who seized on

every boat by force.