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93. Until, when he reached (a tract) between two mountains, he found, beneath them, a

people who scarcely understood a word.

94. Qaloo ya tha alqarnayni inna ya/jooja wama/jooja mufsidoona fee al-ardi fahal

najAAalu laka kharjan AAala an tajAAala baynana wabaynahum sadda


94. They said: "O Zul-qarnain! the Gog and Magog (People) do great mischief on earth:

shall we then render thee tribute in order that thou mightest erect a barrier between us and


95. Qala ma makkannee feehi rabbee khayrun faaAAeenoonee biquwwatin ajAAal

baynakum wabaynahum radma


95. He said: "(The power) in which my Lord has established me is better (than tribute):

Help me therefore with strength (and labour): I will erect a strong barrier between you

and them: