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55. Minha khalaqnakum wafeeha nuAAeedukum waminha nukhrijukum taratan okhra

55. From the (earth) did We create you, and into it shall We return you, and from it shall

We bring you out once again.

56. Walaqad araynahu ayatina kullaha fakaththaba waaba

56. And We showed Pharaoh all Our Signs, but he did reject and refuse.

57. Qala aji/tana litukhrijana min ardina bisihrika ya moosa

57. He said: "Hast thou come to drive us out of our land with thy magic, O Moses?

58. Falana/tiyannaka bisihrin mithlihi fa


jAAal baynana wabaynaka mawAAidan la

nukhlifuhu nahnu wala anta makanan suwa


58. "But we can surely produce magic to match thine! So make a tryst between us and

thee, which we shall not fail to keep - neither we nor thou - in a place where both shall

have even chances."