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9. In the end We fulfilled to them Our Promise, and We saved them and those whom We

pleased, but We destroyed those who transgressed beyond bounds.

10. Laqad anzalna ilaykum kitaban feehi thikrukum afala taAAqiloon


10. We have revealed for you (O men!) a book in which is a Message for you: will ye not

then understand?

Section 2 (11-29)

11. Wakam qasamna min qaryatin kanat


alimatan waansha/na baAAdaha qawman



11. How many were the populations We utterly destroyed because of their iniquities,

setting up in their places other peoples?

12. Falamma ahassoo ba/sana itha hum minha yarkudoon


12. Yet, when they felt Our Punishment (coming), behold, they (tried to) flee from it.