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78. Wadawooda wasulaymana ith yahkumani fee alharthi ith nafashat feehi ghanamu

alqawmi wakunna lihukmihim shahideen


78. And remember David and Solomon, when they gave judgment in the matter of the

field into which the sheep of certain people had strayed by night: We did witness their


79. Fafahhamnaha sulaymana wakullan atayna hukman waAAilman wasakhkharna

maAAa dawooda aljibala yusabbihna wa


ttayra wakunna faAAileen


79. To Solomon We inspired the (right) understanding of the matter: to each (of them)

We gave Judgment and Knowledge; it was Our power that made the hills and the birds

celebrate Our praises, with David: it was We Who did (all these things).

80. WaAAallamnahu sanAAata laboosin lakum lituhsinakum min ba/sikum fahal antum



80. It was We Who taught him the making of coats of mail for your benefit, to guard you

from each other's violence: will ye then be grateful?