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100. There, sobbing will be their lot, nor will they there hear (aught else).

101. Inna allatheena sabaqat lahum minna alhusna ola-ika AAanha mubAAadoon


101. Those for whom the good (record) from Us has gone before, will be removed far


102. La yasmaAAoona haseesaha wahum fee ma ishtahat anfusuhum khalidoon


102. Not the slightest sound will they hear of Hell: what their souls desired, in that will

they dwell.

103. La yahzunuhumu alfazaAAu al-akbaru watatalaqqahumu almala-ikatu hatha

yawmukumu allathee kuntum tooAAadoon


103. The Great Terror will bring them no grief: but the angels will meet them (with

mutual greetings): "This is your Day,--(the Day) that ye were promised."