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30. Such (is the Pilgrimage): whoever honours the sacred rites of Allah, for him it is good

in the Sight of his Lord. Lawful to you (for food in Pilgrimage) are cattle, except those

mentioned to you (as exception): but shun the abomination of idols, and shun the word

that is false,--

31. Hunafaa lillahi ghayra mushrikeena bihi waman yushrik bi


llahi fakaannama kharra

mina a


ssama-i fatakhtafuhu a


ttayru aw tahwee bihi a


rreehu fee makanin saheeq


31. Being true in faith to Allah, and never assigning partners to Him: if anyone assigns

partners to Allah, is as if he had fallen from heaven and been snatched up by birds, or the

wind had swooped (like a bird on its prey) and thrown him into a far- distant place.

32. Thalika waman yuAAa


im shaAAa-ira Allahi fa-innaha min taqwa alquloob


32. Such (is his state): and whoever holds in honour the symbols of Allah, (in the

sacrifice of animals), such (honour) should come truly from piety of heart.

33. Lakum feeha manafiAAu ila ajalin musamman thumma mahilluha ila albayti