Page 204 - Riyad-us-Saliheen

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associating nothing to Me, I would match it with an earthload of forgiveness.'''
1. What it really means is that if sins of a Muslim, committed in ignorance and carelessness, become so numerous
that in stacks touch the heights of skies, he should not lose hope in Allah's Mercy. If he repents wholeheartedly for
his sins, makes penitence for them and begs Allah's forgiveness, he will certainly find Allah's Mercy open for him.
2. Shirk
is an absolutely unpardonable sin. All other sins, how many and how grave they may be, can
be forgiven by Allah. He will pardon them if He likes and send the sinful persons straight to Jannah, or keep them
for a while in Hell and then shift them to Jannah. In any case, the punishment of Hell will not be eternal for them, as
it is for the Mushriks