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Chapter 98
ﺮﺧﺁ ﻖﻳﺮﻃ ﻦﻣ عﻮﺟﺮﻟاو ﺪﻴﻌﻟا ةﻼﺻ ﻰﻟإ بﺎهﺬﻟا بﺎﺒﺤﺘﺳا بﺎﺑ
Excellence of Adopting Different Routes for going and returning on 'Eid
Prayer and various other Occasions
لﺎﻗ ﻪﻨﻋ ﻪﱠﻠﻟا َﻲﺿر ٍﺮﺑﺎﺟ ﻦﻋ
ُمْﻮَﻳ َنﺎَآ اذِإ ﻢﱠﻠَﺳو ِﻪْﻴَﻠَﻋ ُﷲا ﻰّﻠَﺻ ﱡﻲﺒﻨﻟا َنﺎآ
َﻖﻳِﺮﱠﻄﻟا َﻒَﻟﺎَﺧ ٍﺪﻴِﻋ
Jabir (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
On the occasion of the `Eid, the Prophet (PBUH) would
proceed to the prayer place taking one route and returning from another.
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].
The `Ulama' say that there are many subtle points of wisdom in changing the way. According to
Imam An-Nawawi, this causes an increase in the places of worship. Some say that both ways will bear witness on
the Day of Reckoning, that he had passed through them in a state of worship. This may also be the object that
instead of one way, the needy on two ways should benefit from alms and charity.
ِةَﺮَﺠﱠﺸﻟا ِﻖﻳِﺮَﻃ ْﻦِﻣ ُجُﺮْﺨَﻳ َنﺎآ ﻢﱠﻠَﺳو ِﻪْﻴَﻠَﻋ ُﷲا ﻰّﻠَﺻ ﻪﱠﻠﻟا لﻮﺳر نَأ ﺎﻤﻬﻨﻋ ﻪﱠﻠﻟا ﻲﺿر َﺮَﻤُﻋ ِﻦﺑا ِﻦﻋو
ﻰﻠْﻔﱡﺴﻟا ﺔﻴِﻨﱠﺜﻟا َﻦِﻣ ُجُﺮْﺨَﻳَو ﺎَﻴﻠُﻌﻟا ﺔﻴِﻨﱠﺜﻟا َﻦِﻣ َﻞَﺧَد َﺔﱠﻜَﻣ َﻞَﺧَد اَذِإو ، ِسﱠﺮَﻌُﻤﻟا ِﻖﻳﺮَﻃ ْﻦِﻣ ُﻞﺧْﺪَﻳَو
ﻴﻠﻋ ٌﻖﻔﺘﻣ
Ibn `Umar (May Allah be pleased with them) reported:
Messenger of Allah (PBUH) used to go by way of Ash-
Shajarah and return by way of Al-Mu`arras. He would also enter Makkah through the Higher Pass and would leave
it through the Lower Pass.
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].
It was the habit of Messenger of Allah (PBUH) that while going to Makkah from Al-Madinah, he
would adopt the route of a shallow ravine and his return route being always a deep ravine. Ash-Shajarah is a well-
known place. He would pass through it and reach Dhul-Hulaifah and spend a night there. Yet, he would proceed to
Al-Madinah through Al-Mu`arras, a name given to Dhul-Hulaifah Masjid
which is six-mile away from Al-
Madinah. Again this is to be concluded that while returning to our destination from any place, we should choose a
different route because this was exactly the habit of the Prophet (PBUH) .