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) narration that in the days of `Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) people used to perform twenty,
thirty-six and forty Rak`ah of Tarawih out of which one can at best infer the justification for more than eight Rak`ah
Nafl prayer. Even then the Masnun Tarawih will be eight Rak`ah only, and more or less than that will be Ghair-
9. In Tarawih, that is Qiyam Ramadan, lengthy Qiyam is Masnun, but it must be borne in mind that the Qur'an must
be recited according to the principles of `Ilm-ut-Tajwid with clear and distinct voice at a slow pace. Many of the
Qurra recite so fast that it is hard for one to understand, let alone concentrate on what is being recited. Such
recitation is a means of retribution rather than reward. A new system is now in vogue: According to this fashion, the
whole Qur'an is finished within a few days and eight to ten parts of it are recited daily in Tarawih. There are
hundreds of thousands people in the audience. After listening the Qur'an for a few days, these people console
themselves that they have heard the entire Qur'an in Tarawih and are now free to pay full attention to their business
to make the best of the `Eid season. They do not care to know whether the Qari is reciting the Qur'an or something