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Chapter 264
ﺔﺑاد وأ ﻪﻨﻴﻌﺑ نﺎﺴﻧإ ﻦﻌﻟ ﻢﻳﺮﺤﺗ بﺎﺑ
Prohibition of Cursing one Particular Man or Animal
لﺎﻗ ِناﻮﺿﱢﺮﻟا ِﺔﻌْﻴﺑ ﻞْهأ ﻦﻣ ﻮهو ، ُﻪﻨﻋ ﻪﱠﻠﻟا ﻲﺿر ﱢيرﺎﺼﻧﻷا ِكﺎﺤﱠﻀﻟا ِﻦﺑ ِﺖﺑﺎﺛ ٍﺪْﻳز ﻲﺑأ ﻦﻋ
: َلﺎَﻗ
ﻢﱠﻠَﺳو ِﻪْﻴَﻠَﻋ ُﷲا ﻰّﻠَﺻ ِﻪﱠﻠﻟا ُلﻮُﺳر
َﻋ ﻒَﻠَﺣ ﻦﻣ
، َلﺎَﻗ ﺎﻤآ ﻮُﻬﻓ ،ًاﺪﱢﻤَﻌَﺘُﻣ ًﺎﺑذﺎآ ِمﻼْﺳﻹا ٍﺮْﻴﻏ ٍﺔﱠﻠﻤِﺑ ٍﻦﻴِﻤﻳ ﻰﻠ
ِﻪِﻠْﺘَﻘَآ ِﻦِﻣْﺆُﻤﻟا ُﻦﻌﻟو ، ُﻪﻜِﻠﻤَﻳ ﻻ ﺎﻤﻴِﻓ ٌرْﺬَﻧ ٍﻞُﺟر ﻰﻠﻋ ﺲْﻴﻟَو ، ِﺔﻣﺎﻴِﻘﻟا مْﻮﻳ ِﻪِﺑ بﱢﺬُﻋ ، ٍءﻲﺸﺑ ُﻪﺴﻔَﻧ ﻞَﺘَﻗ ْﻦﻣو
ﻪﻴﻠﻋ ٌﻖﻔﺘﻣ
Abu Zaid Thabit bin Ad-Dahhak Al-Ansari (May Allah be pleased with him( (he is one of those who gave
their pledge of allegiance to the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) under the Tree) said: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH)
said, "
He who swears by a religion other than that of Islam, is like what he has professed. He who kills himself with
something, will be tormented with it on the Day of Resurrection. A person is not bound to fulfill a vow about
something which he does not possess. Cursing a believer is like murdering him
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].
"He who swears by a religion other than that of Islam'' here means either of the two things stated
here. For instance, if a person says: "
If I do such and such, then I am a Christian or a Jew.
'' Now if he really intends
to embrace Christianity or Judaism, he will immediately become so because his intention to be a Kafir (
is Kufr (
) in itself. But if the vow is meant to deny the adoption of other religions and is intended to express
his firm resolution to live as a Muslim to the last even then such a vow is undesirable and is a sin for which one must
seek Allah's forgiveness.
The last sentence of this Hadith evidently shows that to curse a Muslim is forbidden because it is akin to killing him.
ﺿر َةﺮْﻳﺮُه ﻲﺑأ ْﻦﻋو
لﺎﻗ ﻢﱠﻠَﺳو ِﻪْﻴَﻠَﻋ ُﷲا ﻰّﻠَﺻ ﻪﱠﻠﻟا لﻮُﺳر ﱠنأ ُﻪﻨﻋ ﻪﱠﻠﻟا ﻲ
ْنأ ٍﻖﻳﱢﺪِﺼِﻟ ﻲِﻐﺒْﻨﻳ ﻻ
ًﺎﻧﺎﱠﻌَﻟ َنﻮُﻜﻳ
ﻢﻠﺴﻣ ﻩاور
Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: "I
t does not befit
a Siddiq (righteous Muslim) to frequently curse others
Taunts, curses and abusive language are contrary to perfect Faith and fidelity.
لﺎﻗ ُﻪْﻨَﻋ ﻪﱠﻠﻟا ﻲﺿر ِءاَدرﱠﺪﻟا ﻲﺑأ ْﻦﻋو
ﻢﱠﻠَﺳو ِﻪْﻴَﻠَﻋ ُﷲا ﻰّﻠَﺻ ِﻪﱠﻠﻟا ُلﻮُﺳر َلﺎﻗ
» ﻮُﻜﻳ ﻻ
نﻮُﻧﺎﱠﻌﱠﻠﻟا ُن
ِﺔَﻣﺎﻴِﻘﻟا َمْﻮﻳ َءاَﺪَﻬُﺷ ﻻو ، َءﺎَﻌﻔُﺷ
ﻢﻠﺴﻣ ﻩاور
Abud-Darda' (May Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "
Those who
frequently resort to cursing (people) would neither be accepted as witnesses nor as intercessors on the Day of
The habit of taunting and cursing makes a man sinful. Such a person has no value with Allah, and his
testimony and intercession will not be considered on the Day of Judgement.
1554 و
َلﺎﻗ ُﻪْﻨﻋ ﻪﱠﻠﻟا ﻲﺿر ٍبُﺪْﻨُﺟ ِﻦْﺑ َةَﺮُﻤَﺳ ْﻦَﻋ
ﻢﱠﻠَﺳو ِﻪْﻴَﻠَﻋ ُﷲا ﻰّﻠَﺻ ِﻪﱠﻠﻟا ُلﻮُﺳَر َلﺎﻗ
ِﺔﻨﻌﻠﺑ اﻮُﻨﻋﻼَﺗ ﻻ
ِرﺎﱠﻨﻟﺎِﺑ ﻻو ، ِﻪِﺒﻀﻐِﺑ ﻻو ، ﻪﱠﻠﻟا
ﻻﺎﻗو يﺬﻣﺮﺘﻟاو ، دواد ﻮﺑأ ﻩاور
ٌﺢﻴﺤﺻ ٌﻦﺴﺣ ٌﺚﻳﺪﺣ
Samurah bin Jundub (May Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "
Do not
curse one another, invoking Curse of Allah or Wrath of Allah or the fire of Hell.'
[Abu Dawud and At-Tirmidhi].
We learn from this Hadith that Muslims should neither curse nor imprecate each other. For instance
they are forbidden to say "
May the Curse of Allah be upon you
'' or "
I wish you to burn in Hell-fire
'' etc., etc.
لﺎﻗ ُﻪﻨﻋ ﻪﱠﻠﻟا ﻲﺿر ٍدﻮﻌﺴﻣ ﻦﺑا ﻦﻋو
ﻢﱠﻠَﺳو ِﻪْﻴَﻠَﻋ ُﷲا ﻰّﻠَﺻ ِﻪﱠﻠﻟا ُلﻮُﺳر لﺎﻗ
ُﻦِﻣﺆﻤﻟا ﺲْﻴَﻟ
ﱢيِﺬﺒﻟا ﻻو ، ِﺶِﺣﺎَﻔﻟا ﻻو ِنﺎﱠﻌﱠﻠﻟا ﻻو ، ِنﺎﱠﻌﱠﻄﻟﺎِﺑ
َلﺎﻗو يﺬﻣﺮﺘﻟا ﻩاور
ٌﻦﺴﺣ ٌﺚﻳﺪﺣ