Page 735 - Riyad-us-Saliheen

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Chapter 313
ﻩرﺎﻔﻇأ وأ ﻩﺮﻌﺷ ﻦﻣ ءﻲﺷ ﺬﺧأ ﻦﻋ َﻲﱢﺤﻀﻳ نأ دارأو ﺔﺠﺤﻟا يذ ﺮﺸﻋ ﻪﻴﻠﻋ ﻞﺧد ﻦﻣ ﻲﻬﻧ بﺎﺑ
َﻲﺤّﻀﻳ ﻰﺘﺣ
Prohibition of having a Hair cut or paring one's nail during the first ten days
of Dhul-Hijjah for one who intends to Sacrifice an Animal
ْﺖَﻟﺎَﻗ ﺎَﻬْﻨَﻋ ﻪﱠﻠﻟا َﻲِﺿر َﺔﻤَﻠَﺳ ﱢمُأ ْﻦَﻋ
ﻢﱠﻠَﺳو ِﻪْﻴَﻠَﻋ ُﷲا ﻰّﻠَﺻ ِﻪﱠﻠﻟا ُلﻮُﺳر َلﺎَﻗ
ُﻪُﺤَﺑْﺬَﻳ ٌﺢْﺑِذ ُﻪَﻟ َنﺎَآ ْﻦَﻣ
يِذ ُلﻼِه ﱠﻞِهُأ اذِﺈَﻓ ،
َﻲﱢﺤَﻀُﻳ ﻰﺘﺣ ًﺎﺌْﻴَﺷ ِﻩرﺎَﻔْﻇَأ ْﻦﻣ ﻻَو ﻩﺮْﻌَﺷ ْﻦِﻣ ﱠنَﺬُﺧْﺄَﻳ ﻼَﻓ ، ﺔﱠﺠِﺤﻟا
ﻢِﻠْﺴُﻣ ُﻩاوَر
Umm Salamah (May Allah be pleased with her) said: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "
When anyone of
you intends to sacrifice the animal and enter in the month of Dhul-Hijjah, he should not get his hair cut or nails
pared till he has offered his sacrifice.
According to this Hadith, one who intends to sacrifice animal on `Eid Al-Adha, should abstain from
paring nails, having a hair cut, and shaving the armpits and the private parts so that his sacrifice is in accordance
with the Sunnah. One should have a hair cut on the tenth of Dhul-Hijjah after having offered the sacrifice. Some
Ahadith tell us that if a person who does not sacrifice an animal on `Eid Al-Adha but pares his nails and has his hair
cut on the tenth Dhul-Hijjah will be given by Allah the reward of sacrifice.