Page 744 - Riyad-us-Saliheen

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Chapter 320
كﻮﻠﻤﻟا ﻚﻠﻣ ﻩﺎﻨﻌﻣ نﻷ ﻩﺮﻴﻏو نﺎﻄﻠﺴﻠﻟ ﻩﺎﺸﻨِهﺎﺷ ﻪﻟﻮﻗ ﻢﻳﺮﺤﺗ بﺎﺑ
Prohibition of Addressing somebody as 'The King of Kings'
ِﻪْﻴَﻠَﻋ ُﷲا ﻰّﻠَﺻ ﱢﻲِﺒﱠﻨﻟا ﻦﻋ ُﻪْﻨَﻋ ﻪﱠﻠﻟا َﻲِﺿر َةَﺮْﻳﺮُه ﻲﺑَأ ْﻦَﻋ
لﺎﻗ ﻢﱠﻠَﺳو
ﱠﺰﻋ ِﻪﱠﻠﻟا َﺪﻨﻋ ٍﻢﺳا َﻊَﻨْﺧَأ ﱠنِإ
ِكﻼﻣَﻷا َﻚِﻠَﻣ ﻰﱠﻤَﺴَﺗ ٌﻞُﺟَر ﱠﻞَﺟو
ﻪﻴَﻠَﻋ ﻖﻔﺘﻣ
َﺔَﻨْﻴَﻴُﻋ ﻦﺑ ُنﺎَﻴْﻔُﺳ لﺎﻗ
ِكﻼْﻣَﻷا ُﻚِﻠَﻣ
ِﻩﺎَﺸﻨِهﺎﺷ ُﻞْﺜِﻣ
Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) said: The Prophet (PBUH) said, "
The most disgraceful man
near Allah is a man who calls himself (or likes others to call him) Malikul-Amlak (i.e., king of kings)
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].
Allah appreciates humility and humbleness and abhors pride and haughtiness. To arrogate to oneself
the title of `The king of kings' reflects pride and not humility and is, therefore, forbidden. Moreover, this is an
Exclusive Attribute of Allah and it is unjust to associate it with any one else.