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we return, and your forces will be of no avail to you, however numerous it be, and verily,
Allâh is with the believers.” [8:19]
The first disbeliever to trigger the fire of the battle and be its first victim was Al-Aswad bin ‘Abdul
Asad Al-Makhzumi, a fierce bad-tempered idolater. He stepped out swearing he would drink from
the water basin of the Muslims, otherwise, destroy it or die for it. He engaged with Hamzah bin
‘Abdul Muttalib, who struck his leg with his sword and dealt him another blow that finished him off
inside the basin.
The battle had actually started. Protected by armour and shields, ‘Utbah bin Rabi‘a stepped forth
between his brother Shaibah and his son Al-Waleed bin ‘Utbah from the lines of Quraish and hurled
maledictions at the Muslims. Three young men of the Helpers came out against them: ‘Awf and
Mu‘wwadh — the sons of Harith, and ‘Abdullah bin Rawaha. But the Makkans yelled that they had
nothing to do with them. They wanted the heads of their cousins. Upon this the Prophet (Peace be
upon him) asked ‘Ubaidah bin Al-Harith, Hamzah — his uncle, and his cousin ‘Ali (May Allah be
pleased with him) to go forward for the combat. The three duels were rapid. Hamzah killed Shaibah,
while ‘Ali killed Al-Waleed. ‘Ubaidah was seriously wounded but, before he fell, Hamzah fell upon
‘Utbah and with a sweep of his sword, cut off his head. ‘Ali and Hamzah carried ‘Ubaidah back with
his leg cut off. He died four or five days later of a disease in the bile duct.
‘Ali was possessed of a deep conviction that Allâh’s Words were revealed:
“These two opponents (believers and disbelievers) dispute with each other about their
Lord.” [22:19]
These verses were revealed in connection with men of Faith who confess their Lord and seek to
carry out His Will (i.e. Muhammad ’s followers at Badr Battle), and men who deny their Lord and
defy Him (the people of Quraish).
The duel was followed by a few more duels but the Makkans suffered terrible defeats in all the
combats and lost some of their most precious lives. They were too much exasperated andenraged
and fell upon the Muslims to exterminate them once and for all. The Muslims, however, after
supplicating their Lord, calling upon Him for assistance, were made to hold to their position and
conduct a defensive war plan that was successful enough to inflict heavy losses on the attackers.
The Prophet (Peace be upon him) used to pray to his Lord ceaselessly persistently and day and night
to come to their succour. When the fierce engagement grew too hot he again began to supplicate his
Lord saying:
“O Allâh! Should this group (of Muslims) be defeated today, You will no longer be
He continued to call out to his Lord, stretching forth his hands and facing
, until his cloak
fell off his shoulders. Then Abu Bakr came, picked up the cloak, and put it back on his shoulders and
said: “O Prophet of Allâh, you have cried out enough to your Lord. He will surely fulfill what He has
promised you.”
Immediate was the response from Allâh, Who sent down angels from the heavens for the help and
assistance of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and his companions. The Noble Qur’ân observes:
“Verily, I am with you, so keep firm those who have believed. I will cast terror into the
hearts of those who have disbelieved.” [8:12]
Allâh, the All-Mighty, also inspired another message to His Messenger, saying:
“I will help you with a thousand of the angels each behind the other (following one
another) in succession.” [8:9]
The Prophet (Peace be upon him), in his trellis, dozed off a little and then raised his head joyfully
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