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Seeing that Allâh sided with the believers and granted them a manifest victory and perceiving the
Muslims’ awesome presence in Madinah, the Jews could no longer contain themselves or conceal
indignation. They started a series of provocative and harmful deeds publicly. The most wicked
amongst them were the tribe of Banu Qainuqa‘, who lived in quarters within Madinah named after
them. As for jobs, they took up goldsmithery, blacksmithing and crafts of making household
instruments, that is why war weaponry was available in large quantities in their houses. They
counted 700 warriors, and were the most daring amongst the Jewish community in Arabia, and now
the first to breach the covenant of cooperation and non-aggression which they had already
countersigned with the Prophet (Peace be upon him). Their behaviour grew too impolite and
unbearable. They started a process of trouble-making, jeering at the Muslims, hurting those who
frequented their bazaars, and even intimidating their women. Such things began to aggravate the
general situation, so the Prophet(Peace be upon him) gathered them in assemblage, admonished
and called them to be rational, sensible and guided and cautioned against further transgression.
Nevertheless they remained obdurate and paid no heed to his warning, and said: “Don’t be deluded
on account of defeating some Quraishites inexperienced in the art of war. If you were to engage us
in fight, you will realize that we are genuine war experts.”
In this regard, the Words of Allâh were revealed saying:
“Say [O Muhammad (Peace be upon him) ] to those who disbelieve: ‘You will be defeated
and gathered together to Hell, and worst indeed is that place to rest.’ There has already
been a Sign for you (O Jews) in the two armies that met (in combat — i.e. the battle of
Badr): One was fighting in the cause of Allâh, and as for the other (they) were disbelievers.
They (the believers) saw them (the disbelievers) with their own eyes twice their number
(although they were thrice their number). And Allâh supports with His Victory whom He
pleases. Verily, in this is a lesson for those who understand.” [3:12,13]
The answer of Banu Qainuqa‘ amounted, as seen, to war declaration. The Prophet (Peace be upon
him) suppressed his anger and advised the Muslims to be patient and forbearing and wait for what
time might reveal.
The Jews, went too far in their transgression, presumptuous behaviour and licentious practices. One
day a Jewish goldsmith provoked a Muslim woman whose genitals become uncovered when he had
tied the edge of the garment to her back. A Muslim man happened to be there and killed theman;
the Jews retaliated by killing that Muslim. The man’s family called the Muslims for help and war
On Saturday, Shawwal 15th, 2 A.H., the Prophet (Peace be upon him) marched out with his soldiers,
Hamzah bin ‘Abdul Muttalib, carrying the standard of the Muslims and laid siege to the Jews’ forts
for 15 days. Allâh cast fear into their hearts, and they were obliged to defer to the Messenger
(Peace be upon him) judgement on their lives, wealth, women and children; their hands were tied
behind their backs.
At this point, ‘Abdullah bin Ubai bin Salul started his hypocritical role and began to intercede for
them persistently on grounds of former alliance between those Jews and His tribe Khazraj.
Muhammad (Peace be upon him) dealt with this man as being a Muslim -- He had faked conversion
into Islam for only one month, by that time -- and so he granted him his request; for Islam accepts
people at their face value. Banu Qainuqa‘ handed over all materials, wealth and war equipage to the
Prophet (Peace be upon him), who set aside one fifth and distributed the rest to his men. After that
they were banished out of all Arabia to Azru‘a in Syria where they stayed for a while and soon
perished away.
Two-pronged hostile activities were being independently conducted against the Prophet (Peace be
upon him) ; plots and intrigues being hatched by Safwan bin Omaiyah, the hypocrites and Jews on
the one hand, going on and on parallel lines with military hostilities being prepared by Abu Sufyan
aiming at saving the face of his people and impressing on the other Arabs that Quraish was still a
military power to be counted for. In the aftermath of Badr, Abu Sufyan was burning for revenge and
took a solemn vow he would never bathe off impurity unless he h ad avenged himself on Muhammad
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