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(Peace be upon him) nicknamed him
(i.e. perverted transgressor; dissolute). As he was the
head of Aws in
, he could not tolerate Islam when it came. He announced his enmity to
the Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him) in public. He left Madinah for the Quraishites in Makkah
to rally them against the Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him) and to urge them to start the fight
against him. He claimed that he was obeyed and esteemed by his people and that as soon as they
saw him come they would join him immediately.
So he was the first one among the mob and slaves of Quraish to show resistance. He called out unto
his people, recognized them and said: “O kinfolk of Aws! I am Abu ‘Amir.” Their reply was “No eyes
of anybody shall be consoled by viewing you, O
.” Hearing them say so, he said: “My people
must have been afflicted by an evil after my departure.” Therefore when the fight broke out, he
fought them fiercely and pelted his people with stones, as well.
That was how the second attempt of Quraish to sow the seeds of discord among people of Faith.
This, however, revealed the great terror of the Quraishites cast in their hearts in spite of their
supremacy in number and equipment.
Quraishi-women participated in the battle led by the wife of Abu Sufyan, Hind bint ‘Utbah. They
wandered among the rows of the idolaters, tapped on tambourines, encouraged men to fight,
inflamed the emotions of heroes, lancers, swordsmen and brave fighters. At one time they
addressed the standard-bearers:
“O Bani ‘Abd Ad-Dar!
O home defenders,
Strike with your sharp swords …”
And at another time they would wage people’s zeal by singing:
“If you fight (bravely), we will embrace
and unfold mats to welcome you.
But if you flee from the battlefield, we leave you,
Desert you and no more love you.”
The two parties approached and grew very close to each another. The phases of fight started. The
first combatant was the standard-bearer, Talha bin Abi Talha Al-‘Abdari, who was the most
distinguished idolater. He was one of the bravest men of Quraish fighters. Muslims nicknamed him
‘the ram of the battalion.’ He came forth riding a camel and challenged the Muslims to a single
combat. People refrained from fighting him due to his bravery; but Az-Zubair bin Al-‘Awwam
advanced for the fight. He did not give the ‘Ram’ any chance to fight but fell on him like a lion onhis
camel’s back, pulled him down to the ground and slaughtered him with his sword.
The Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him) who was watching that wonderful incident exclaimed:
Allâhu Akbar
that is ‘Allâh is the Greatest’ and the Muslims exclaimed
Allâhu Akbar
too. He praised
Az-Zubair when he said:
“Every Prophet has a disciple and Az-Zubair is a disciple of mine.”
Soon the general engagement ensued and the fight of the two parties grew fierce everywhere on the
battlefield. The strain of the fight was centred round the carriers of the standard. After the death of
their leader Talha bin Abi Talha, Banu ‘Abd Ad-Dar alternated the mission successively. Talha’s
brother, ‘Uthman, ran forward and seized the standard which lay by the lifeless body of his brother,
chanting: “The standard-bearer has the right to dye its shaft in blood, till it be beaten in his hand.”
Hamzah bin ‘Abdul Muttalib attacked and dealt him a blow that cut his arm and shoulder and went
down to his navel to uncover his lung.
The standard was raised up again by Abu Sa‘d bin Abi Talha; but Sa‘d bin Abi Waqqas shot him with
a deadly arrow that hit him at his throat and made his tongue hang out breathing his last.
In another version it was narrated that Abu Sa‘d lifted the standard up and challenged the Muslims
to fight him. ‘Ali bin Abi Talib went forth. They exchanged two blows. Then ‘Ali gave him a terminal
blow that finished him off.
Musafi‘ bin Talha bin Abi Talha then hoisted the standard, but was soon shot with an arrow by ‘Asim
bin Thabit bin Abi Al-Aqlah. His brother Kilab bin Talha bin Abi Talha followed him picked the banner
and lifted it up; but Az-Zubair bin Al-‘Awwam attacked him and managed to kill him. Their brother
Al-Jallas bin Talha bin Abi Talha lifted the banner up but Talha bin ‘Ubaidu-Allâh stabbed him to
death. They also said that it was ‘Asim bin Thabit who managed to deal a terminal blow to him.
All those six people killed round and in defence of the standard, belonged to one house, the house of
Abi Talha ‘Abdullah bin ‘Uthman bin ‘Abd Ad-Dar. Another man from Bani ‘Abd Ad-Dar, called Artat
bin Sharhabeel carried the standard but he also was killed by ‘Ali bin Abi Talib. Others said it was
Hamzah who killed him not ‘Ali.
Then it was Shuraih bin Qariz who was killed by Quzman — he was a hypocrite who fought for
prestige only, not in defence of Islam. Abu Zaid ‘Amr bin ‘Abd Munaf Al-‘Abdari lifted the standard
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